Dirt: Evil in the Heartland
Dirt, Danny, and Booger. Three boys struggle to escape bucolic fly-over country, and define their lives beyond the dirt roads, dust, tractors, cold and the dysfunctional relationships that grow wild in the same dirt as the wheat, durum, corn, and oats. The trio takes you down the unpaved roads of Arvilla, North Dakota, population 313, to their farms, in a close-up look at the little-known life of farming in rural America. Conflict, loss, abuse, and misbehavior pervade their interactions and are accommodated and accepted by all as part of the secret life on a farm. It’s just nobody’s business. One boy escapes, only to regret the new, exciting life he was so sure he wanted and worked hard to attain. The other two young men remain at home. Only the gruesome discovery of a female body at a meat processing plant, and the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of many other young women, reunites the three friends when one of them is accused of the horrifying serial murder of women with profiles on luvafarmer.com.
Dirt: Evil in the Heartland has been optioned for film.
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Doorway To Your Dreams
“A thriller with a touch of the supernatural and a rock-solid pace.” Kirkus Reviews.
“Never set him free, Tim. Never let him gain control. You’ll be lost forever.” Those were the last words that flashed in helicopter pilot, Tim “Spooncake” McAllister ‘s mind before he lost consciousness in the jungles of Vietnam.
Now he lies floating in a sensory deprivation tank located on Plum Island off the coast of New York.
Wires connect his brain to a computer outside of the tank and signal his sub-conscious to transform into a human weapon of mass destruction.
Tim is now an unwitting cog in the wheels of Operation Traumland, the brainchild of Oban DeCarlo, a scientist whose dream is to create an army of remote killing machines, men whose subconscious has been hijacked.
Can anything save him?
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The Protocol: A Prescription to Die
The Protocol, A Prescription to Die is a startlingly prophetic medical thriller by John P. Goetz and is the latest page turner in his Eat Teague novel series. John P. Goetz's medical suspense thriller has been described as, "Ayn Rand meets Dean Koontz at a Twilight Zone gathering with Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and Robin Cook."
The Protocol, A Prescription to Die poses the questions, "What if the government assigned value to individuals and controlled whether a person could live or die?" "What if the elderly and infirm became targets of a government authority tasked with a mandate to test and determine treatment only if medical costs somehow justify their benefits?" "What if you are prescribed The Protocol, a prescription to die?"
The Protocol, A Prescription to Die has all of the elements of a medical thriller, horror story, and intellectual journey. After reading this novel, you will never think about medicine, healthcare, or government in the same way ever again.
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Souls of Megiddo: Book 1, The Caretakers
The Souls of Megiddo, Book 1: The Caretakers is a fast-paced, captivating, science fiction and paranormal thriller. It will transport you on a daring, historic war between good and evil. You will experience the paranormal powers used to combat Hitler and meet the secret daughter of Hitler who wants to extend her father's monstrous malign to spread destruction. In 75 BC, the last High Priest of the lost Mayan civilization created one emerald pendant representing the opposing souls of good and evil to ensure the legacy of his dying civilization. The stone was separated a millennia ago into two identical stones of good and evil, to be passed from generation to generation.
The stone of evil has been used throughout time to cause human annihilation and to conduct heinous acts against mankind. The evil stone is in the custody of a master of maleficent who uses the soul of a criminal to spread destruction and cruelty upon the world. Whoever possesses the stone of evil understands the poisonous power of possessing both stones and plots to find and capture the twin stone to control both, maximize corruption, and destroy the universe.
The Caretaker of the good stone, along with a secret society called The Patrocinium, wants to capture the evil stone and re-unite the twin stones to keep them from those who would use their separate powers for evil. The stone's power, constant danger, and lifelong responsibilities are placed upon a thoughtfully selected Caretaker who must fight for the good souls of Megiddo so they will live on for eternity, unimpeachable and pristine.
The Caretaker is forever on guard, watchful, and often underestimated by sinister forces in the fight to save the brave Souls of Megiddo in this terrifying story of good against evil.
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