John P. Goetz

John P. Goetz: Crafter of Intrigue, Master of Storytelling

By day, John P. Goetz is a software development executive where his penchant for math and computer science complement a love of the written word.

By night, John P. Goetz is a driven novelist and screenwriter, crafting compelling stories that grab a reader's attention with intense, ingenious plots, and clever characters.

The disparate worlds of John P. Goetz collide in stories that are rife with realism, authority, controversy, and adventure. Audaciously original novels spotlight the author's pervasive curiosity and his artistic eye for fascinating twists and turns that delight and captivate readers. You will be frightened. You will be moved. You will also be teased, surprised, and horrified. And, after reading just one John P. Goetz book, you will become a fan for life.

John's novel, Dirt: Evil in the Heartland won a silver medal in the 2016 Reader’s Favorite competition in the Thriller category and was also optioned for film.

Doorway to Your Dreams, was released to critical acclaim and received a bronze medal in the 2014 Reader’s Favorite competition in the Thriller category.

John's Eat Teague thrillers are part of a smart, provocative series written to addict and intrigue the reader with twisted and compelling characters and storylines. John P. Goetz explores a world of deadly circumstances through the eyes of Eat Teague, an unassuming brainiac who is determined to prevail in his intellectual war against known and unknown evils. Upcoming novels in the Eat Teague thriller series include Eat's Perdition and Eat's Redemption.

John is the also author of novel trilogy Souls of Megiddo: The Caretakers, and upcoming releases Souls of Megiddo: The Devil's Bible, and Souls of Megiddo: The Ring of Fire.


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